Welcome to the Computer Engineering Department – University of Tripoli

Computer Engineering is a discipline that brings together two very important academic fields: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  It is essentially concerned with the engineering knowledge as well as algorithms and computability theory that are required to build computing systems and computer-controlled systems.

The department has a wide range of courses designed for those who wish to have strong hardware and software skills and be familiar with modern technologies. Students in Computer Engineering will gain knowledge and deep understanding of fundamental theories, methods and practical subjects within a variety of fields such as electronics, computer architecture, digital communication, computer network, computer programming, digital and analog control systems, data acquisition and robotics. They will be able to utilize up-to-date scientific methods, tools and techniques to analyze and solve many practical problems. For instance, students, upon graduation, should be able to design control systems for automated production lines, develop software for many practical systems, plan and supervise the installation of computer networks, and develop automation systems for clients with specific needs.

Computer engineering department educates students for research and professional careers through undergraduate and graduate degree programs. These programs cover topics in different related areas such as computer architecture, digital electronics, digital control, digital circuits, software engineering, artificial intelligence, digital communication, image processing and computer networks.