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No.TitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)SemesterProject Area
1License plate recognitionHajer Alzreq and Mofitha Ali2013Image processing, recognition

Human identification is a very basic societal requirement. By recognizing a face, human can be easily identified. Other forms of electronic identifications such as ID card, password and others, are not very secure. While traditional biometric techniques can be time consuming, inefficient and could be costly. Face recognition technology may consider as efficient technique for human identification. It requires no physical interaction. It can use the existing hardware infrastructure, existing cameras and image capture techniques.
The project's main goal is to apply the knowledge and tools the author has acquired to design and implement a software that can be used to automatically identify person from camera or digital images. The main identification algorithm measures overall facial structure distance between input image and recognized images.
As a practical case study, students' attendance to university classes was selected as an application for human identification using face recognition technology. The final product of the project is a package for students attendance.
The project was conducted according to software engineering principles using waterfall model. The goal of the software product was clearly defined. Then, the software requirements were defined. After finalizing the requirements, the design process was conducted followed by the software implementation. The process of testing was done in different phases. Starting by unit testing, passing through integration testing and a sort of acceptance test has been carried.
The main algorithm starts by face detection to identify an object as a face and locate it in the input image. Then, it uses face recognition to decide if this face is for someone known based on the stored data. Based on the previous step it amend the attendance list.
The final product enable adding students' photos through camera capture or stored digital image. The system can be used by different users with clear defined privileges.

Eman Nouri Shaban Dr. Tarek Mihoub spring 2014Image processing, recognition
NFC Voting System

The election process is in need of a standard and secure electronic system that voters can rely on and have trust in. Currently, each state implements its own process for voting; the lack of consistency between polls results in numerous problems. Various models have been developed to address the issues of security, privacy, validation, and quality control. However, these models do not meet all of the requirements needed for a good system. Exploring electronic voting from a systems perspective can demonstrate the commonalities of the current systems and the possible solutions for the voting process.
The Voting is a method to select one opinion or a person often following discussion, debate or an election campaign. After centuries of paper based voting ballots, electronic voting is used along with various technologies. One of the promising technologies is Near Field Communication (NFC) which allows data transfer between NFC-enabled devices and smart tags within a short distance. In this paper, we have presented a new type of a secure voting system, namely NFC voting, and evaluated the systems.
Among other findings, we found that NFC voting satisfies electronic voting requirements and further increases the subjective usability of the proposed system.

Ahmed Taher Tantush and Ahmed Mussa AlgadriDr. Noureddin GerfalSpring 2014Microcontroller and Data Acquistion
Smart Glasses for Blind people

The blind represents a very high percentage out of the total population in our community, which must take care of, that is why we tried to understand their needs to make them feel normally.
People who are blind have several aids that helps them to move without the ability to see. One is to use a special cane, by sweeping the cane in front of the area they are moving towards; people who are blind can avoid obstacles and get to where they are going.
Other helpers for blind people to get around are guide dogs. Guide dogs are a specially trained dog that helps blind people by learning routes of travel with them.
Each of these aids caused embarrassment to the blind, because of not being able to pay all their needs to move freely.
We thought of design and implement smart glasses instead of the traditional stick using an ultrasonic sensor. The project allows the blind to detect obstacles, holes and bumps by spread of ultrasonic waves in the air and when an obstacle detected an alarm will alert by a speaker which is on the glasses.
So this project is the spark of the light that will lighten up the life of all blind.

Eman Jouma Shtewi and Wafa Ibrahim Al shaibeDr. Mahdi HafiSpring 2014control
Fractional Calculus Application for PID Controller of a Nuclear Power Plant

A fractional order PID (FOPID) controller was designed to control a pressurized water reactor
(PWR) nuclear power plant. The reactor was represented by a simplified model using point
kinetic equations with one group of delayed neutrons and the associated thermal hydraulic
equation. Since the FOPID controller has two extra parameter to tune (derivative order and
integral order), it was more flexible to control the reactor power than using PID controller. The
FOPID was designed by minimizing the sum of integral of squared error (ISE) and integral of
squared controller output (ISCO) using particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. As
compared with other optimization methods, the PSO is faster, simpler and needs fewer
parameters to be adjusted. The simulation using the FOPID controller showed better
performance with respect to the power increase overshoot compared to those of the PID
controller. In addition, the settling and steady state times were shorter.

Hala Ahmed ElhabrushDr. Mohamed Samir ElbuniSpring 2014software
The Augmented Reality Book

The nature of the physical world requires significant effort and time to change, evenly more significant efforts are usually needed to make alterations. This is very true with the nature of our physical world, and with the invasion of computers to our daily live, the scope of human computer interaction is expanding to include larger scale and longer term phenomena of computer use. Human computer interaction moved from being directly focused on the physical machine to incorporating more and more of the user’s world and the social settings in which the user is embedded.
The idea of this project was to develop a system that interacts with students in the best possible way, by bringing class and lab unmanageable physical objects to the tiny personal laptop or a lab PC, this has been implemented using an Augmented Reality Book (ARB). The technique of using ARB is to face the marker to the camera and then a 3D presentations based on the subject available is offered to the students. in our project we managed to do that with an accuracy of [80%].
The whole point of ARB is driving the potential, to simulate and motivate students to explore class materials and create a new learning environment, suitable for various learning styles; it can help teach subjects where students can’t feasibly gain real life experience.

Ikraam Obaidah Elmahguibi and Lujaina Sadig KerwatDr. Nabil DrawilSpring 2013/2014
Exploring industrial controls using Robot 5250

The project is about exploring the Robot Arm 5250 found in the control lab of the department.
The purpose of the project is to explore the limitations of this system and find a solution to develop the system, during exploring which was learning and writing a software for the Robot to operate, I found that the system is limited by the RoboCIM software and the controller module which control the Robot, it can control the system with the same software only, so I couldn’t develop the system with any additional component.
I thought about a practical solution for these limitations, I tracked and hacked the Robot Arm to know how it works and I designed a circuit to control the Robot without its controller module using PIC 16F877A that contains many components such as LCD, Keypad, Motor driver, Relays, Buffers and De-multiplexers, interfacing it with the Robot Arm so that the user can enter the degree of motion and can choose a motor (from the six servo motors inside the Robot Arm) using keypad, displays that in the LCD and the motor moves according to this degree.
The system now is more fixable, you can add any components and it can be used in any other applications.

Suha Fadel SialaEng.Muharem El-drebispring 2014control
Mobile Application To Monitor Traffic Congestion

Roads traffic congestion is a serious problem in major cities. The traffic congestion problem especially the so-called unexpected congestion happens when unusually event such as traffic accidents, fire, road constructions or road maintains occurs. This problem often results in slower traffic, longer time trips as well as environmental problem. Besides, the unexpected congestion can lead to drivers’ frustration because they cannot carry out their scheduled plans.
The aim of this project is to try to help users to avoid traffic congestion or roads problems by updating Google map with latest road development or notifying drivers on their mobile if there is any unexpected congestion near their location. This project is built of two main components or applications: Sever-side application and Client-side application. The server application makes use of GPS and the Geographic Information System (GIS) features to update the Google map. This application is expected to be used by traffic management center operators. Through this application, operators are supposed to keep posting any roads or streets unexpected congestion. However, the client-side application is an mobile application interacts with the operator application to update the Google map on android mobiles. Meanwhile, the mobile app shall notify the user if there is any unexpected incident nearby the mobile location.
The final goal of project is to reduce transportation time and avoid different problems and circumstances of roads, and reduce traffic jams

Ali Moftha BeliadDr. Youssef Gdurafall 2014software
Gate Controlled System Based On License Plate Recognition

The project aims to design and develop a parking lot management system that will track the entry and exit of cars. The system comprise of camera to obtain a picture of the license plate, an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), feature to extract the license plate, a database indexed by the license plate number, a motor-operated gate, and a laptop with GUI and a set of override commands to allow the gate operator to manually operate the gate opening and closing in case of a faulty situation.
This project implements a prototype of electronic gate control system based on license plate recognition is a challenging area of research due to its importance to a wide range of commercial applications. It is an image-processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates. This technology can be used in various security and traffic application, such as finding stolen cars, controlling access to car parks and gathering traffic flow statistics. The first and the most important stage for any LPR system is the localization of the license plate within the image captured by a camera connected in computer and the image based through of recognition stages to extract plate number form image

Hajer Juma Ellafi Alazreg and Mufida Ali algakandyDr. Issmail Ellabib;Dr. Hussein almaghbubspring 2014Image processing, recognition
Implementation of Steganography over Socket Technology

Data hiding is the art of hiding data for various purposes such as; to maintain private data, secure confidential data and so on. There are lots of techniques used for data hiding and the well-known technique is the Steganography. In contemporary terms, Steganography has evolved into a digital strategy of hiding a file in some form of multimedia, such as an image, an audio file or even a video file. This project presents implementation for steganography technology which based on hiding data in image by making small modifications to its pixels. The using method focuses on one particular popular technique, Least Significant Bit (LSB) Embedding. In this project the steganography process done by java platform, also using for creating communication scheme between sender and receiver represent in socket communication technology through laptops.

Eshraq Bashir ZartyDr. Ibrahim Aref;Dr. Ismail El-labibfall 2014

Nowadays, most warehouse storage systems are still using mainly traditional ways; they are using human operations to store and pick up goods from and into specified warehouse locations.
The project presents a design and implementation of a mobile robot equipped with an arm and gripper that can perform needed operations to store and pick up goods to or from specified storage slots. The robot is used to minimize human intervention and make the storage operations fast and more efficient.
The Mobile Robot is guided by a line tracking system which consists and a robotic arm attached to a carriage that can reach into the racks and shelves to place or pick a product identified by its RFID code. The robot is capable to follow a specific path by tracking a black line drawn on the warehouse white floor.
The tests showed that the robot achieved a success rate of placing or retrieving goods around 80% of the time.

Eman Taher SarkezDr. Mohammed Samir Elbunifall 2014control
Wireless Automotive Hand

In some critical situations, like the need of a very skilled technician to disarm a bomb, or other places where the risk of direct human intervention is very high, pops out the need of equipment that makes technicians keeps distance from a potential threat, while controlling the equipment from a far.
This project presents a microcontroller based multi-fingered robot hand. The robot hand follow scerta in human motions and repeats them successfully.
To construct the robot hand, we need its system interfaced with the microcontroller that is programmed by software and controlled by sensors. It will make gestures and follow movements. The motion sensors and wireless/wire feedback logic provides the hand with the ability to confirm, follow and repeat the motions.

Hisham Ibrahim Alshibe and Husam Abdulrazag ZaribaDr. Nor Eddin Gerfalfall 2014control

Approximately, six million people in the world face the problem of disability due to paralysis of various degrees. Since, those disabled individuals have special needs which can be satisfied with powered wheelchairs, we dedicated our objective in this project to serve them by designing and developing a system that can ease their lives and make it more comfortable. Particularly, it is well suited to serve people with severe impairments by extending their range of mobility. Our approach allows the users to use hand gestures to control the wheelchair movement. Our work done on a robot car that has two DC motors as a model that represents a real electric wheelchair.

Nora Daw Mohammed Daw and Tala Emhmed AlbakoshDr.Mohamed Samir Elbunifall 2014Image processing, recognition
Density based traffic light control

Traffic lights became a part of human’s day-to-day life. With this motivation in the mind, this project aims at designing and implementing a running model of traffic light controller, which solves the problem of congestion on traffic light, by measuring the congestion in the roads and give every one enough time to decreasing the congestion , and controlled according to the density of vehicle on the road. We will use Arduino Mega Board microcontroller as a controller of the system, together with coils placed on the road of a 4 street traffic light, to show which one of the four intersections is the most congested. The coils electromagnetic field will be affected by via the cars metal that causes a change of inductance of the coil. Formerly the most congested intersection is situated, the Microcontroller unit will give enough time to cut the congestion and we consider that the pattern will be less expensive.

Nadia Salah Aldine Mugber and Nadein Abd Alkareem hablousDr.Ahmed Arara;Eng.Muharem alderbespring 2014Data Acquistion and Control
Bluetooth Audio Broadcast System via 3.5mm Jack

In our days Bluetooth technology is widely used and enters many varies fields and still being development day by day to add more features and abilities for these reasons we chose to supply this technology to devices comes with 3.5mm audio jack and broadcast the audio signal via Bluetooth to be received by Bluetooth headset this have multiple benefits like disposal of headphones wires .
This is done by using E-block Bluetooth solution kit with PIC micro –controller 16F877A and EB024 Bluetooth board and EB032 Voice Codec board as a main components we will use E-block Bluetooth solution boards for design both Bluetooth audio broadcast system and Bluetooth headset replacement system as will be discusses in the report .

Alsadk Mahmoud ElshredlDr.Yousef Al-hwigyspring 2011

Since the rise of the internet one of the most important factors of information technology and communication is the security of information .The security of information has been considered as the most important factor since the rise the usage of the Internet .However ,Cryptography was created as a technique for securing the secrecy of communication .Many different methods have been developed to encrypt and decrypt data in order to keep messages secret .Unfortunately it is sometimes not enough to keep the contents of a message secret. The technique used to implement this , is called Steganography .Steganography is the art and science of invisible communication . This is accomplished through hiding information in other information ,thus hiding the existence of the communicated information . The word steganography is derived from the Greek words “Stegos” meaning “cover” and “grafia” meaning “writing” defining it as “covered writing “ . in image steganography the information is hidden exclusively in images.The idea and practice of hiding information has a long history . in the Greek historian Herodatus writes of a nobleman ,Histaeus , who needed to communicate with his son-in-law in Greece .He shaved the head of one of his most trusted slaves and tattooed the message onto the slave’s scalp .When the slave’s hair grew back the slave was dispatched with the hidden message . in the Second world War the Microdot technique was developed by the Gremans . information,especially photographs , was reduced in size until it was the size of a typed period . Extremely difficult to detect , a normal cover message was sent over an insecure channel with one of the periods on the paper containing hidden information . Today stegangraphy is mostly used on computers with digital data being the carriers and networks being the high speed delivery channels . There are many types of stegangraphy methods .

Morad Saleem AlmezoghiDr.Amna Alhawilspring 2011
Design and development of analogue interface board for PIC microcontrollers

Nowdays the research in the field of Microsystems is progressively directed towards smart electronic Interfacing [1,2], which provides the ability of performing complex operations .
Specially designed Interfacing electronics for specific applications improve the performaneces of the Microsystem and provide a user-friendly environment for the control and the communication with it . In this work a Microcontroller –based data acquisition and control system was designed , for fast and accurate temperature measurements , a potentiometer ,LDR,AND dc motor with a tacho output with programmable modes of operation .
The PIC Dev Board follows a method that enables user to abstract completely from the electric side , allowing dedication to program the software for the micro-controller.
Also the configuration is done by Jumpers that allow activation /deactivation of all peripherals . All peripherals that share the same micro-controller BUS, are in parallel.
If in need of any outside component testing , the provided Proto-board may be used , as well as the flat –cable sockets .well as Measurement of the four basic quantities: this need a data acquisition system The Microcontrollers are used in applications as diverse as toaster ovens, automobiles, and The goals aerial vehicles and many other applications. functionality and the of the project, aspects of the mi internal software required to operate the system were not primary concern. sampling code software interface tool allow easily change acquisition parameters such as rate and number of samples easily done.

Amira Rajab AljfaeiriDr.Naser Hasan;Dr.Hussam Almaghbobspring 2011Data Acquistion and Control

Nowadays it is seen that sudden death has become a very common incident, where with no prior notice a person could promptly die. The choice of the patient's vital signs Measurement project has been raised from the fear of this aspect of life and the hope that that the work done throughout this project would one day help save lives.
This project has taken the medical aspect side, where it presents to the reader how computer engineering has become a very important part of life these days. A computer engineer could design a medical device which doctors would make use of, to help save their patients lives.
Patients Vital signs Measurement project is a proof of concept for a complete system that measures a patient's vital signs and performs a series of actions accordingly. The main actions would be serious danger or only needs attention and following the required procedure accordingly.
Through reading this dissertation, it is seen that the project work consists of hardware and software tools to make the proof of concept as close to reality as possible. Knowledge from University courses has been used in addition to learning new tools and techniques along the way of accomplishing all the goals set for this project.

Nurhan Assem Sabkha Dr. Mohammed Samir Elbuni;Dr.Tarek Mihoub spring 2014
Design & Fabrication of a Timing -Based patient Monitoring System

The purpose of this project is to fabricate the first step a product prototype that would be extremely useful in filling a key functional omission w The Health Care System of Libya. The symptom of this fundamental l of professionalism has resulted in the citizens ofLibya nunning to Trinisia and other countries for even routine health care required, syphoning precious funds from the government and causing the local Health Care system to deteriorate further. Doctors and Health Care workers such as nurses and technicians a guilty of offering callous care and lacking the technical knowledge and professionalism. To ensure that nurses and technicians change their responsiveness to the patients in hospitals to a higher degree, we have designed a first-pass first generation patient-nurse(technician) feedback loop system which would record the time of a patient demanding attention and the speed of response from the nursing staff in attendance. We have called this system the Electronic Patient Care(EPC) system model, the first of its kind in Libya. The result would be a radical change in the hospital system where there would be accountability of a nurse's response to a patient request, for the first time. Given the fact that the power supply, especially lately, is intermittent, we would ensure the integrity of the system by ensuing that the electric circuitry of the system is isolated and protected by an Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) provision At the heart of the system would be a computer and database which would keep a record of the event feedback-loop generated by the designed system which we will describe in detail later. To ensure that the computer storage is relatively fail safe, we would recommend that the computer storage be striped in multiple redundant disks using a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks(RAID), which is commercially available The current EPC system model as designed for this project is a simple first- generation circuit design where each patient bed has a switch, which when pressed it will activate a buzzer and light at the nurse's station and records the time of the patient's request. When the nurse responds to the buzzer and attends the patient's bed, she can indicate attendance of the patient by pressing

Hana Mahmoud Al Haydari Hajer Ali El bakuoshDr.Ahmed Arara spring 2014
Library Management System LMS

This project was designed and programed to meet need of nuclear engineering library located in the Tripoli the university. In this project i have took onsideration needs of the librarians, into c all the valuable camments and management first I started developing a solution for managing books and help librarians to l borrowing easier and to tools that could their give more powerful assets"books". This system implements state technologies to help librarians to save their time in manual of the art data entry The system consist mainly of two parts, a hardware part and a web interface. The hardware p consists o barcode reader, barcode label printer, id card printer, web server and a desktop computer. The Web Interface is composed of an Apache server, MYsol database management system, i have used"PHP, HTML, css, JavaScript" in programming the web interface.

Safa Sharif Jamil Dr.Khadeja Ben Mousa;Dr Hosain Magboobspring 2014
Mobile Robotic Control

Robots and Robotic sy technologies of physics, com science, engineering, represent a practical application flexible a demonstrate variety and mathematics, and provide very powerful and program of a of this project is to engineering concepts. The aim(obstacle avoid Sound activatedand wall follower). The sensors work in dobstacle sound wall follower as activated, microcontroller. We are using ATMEGAs microcontroller, whete the input of the sensors is given to microcontroller. And formed by the robotic with the help for different input we have fixed different steps t be movement of the which will be c And the of the robot will be done program, done in with the 129 with DC geared motor and its will be controlled ic which will control or move the robot according to the instruction given in the program obstacle avoider technique obstacle avoider robot is done with the lp of infrared s robot avoider it will detect the obstacle in its front the the with the obstacle by moving back and then turning left or right Sound activated sound sensor is used to detect the sound our use of sound sensor which contains MIC And when clapping in front of the robot due to back or turn lift or turn right. Wall Follower the wall following robot, as the name specifies it is programmed to follow a is straight wall. The optical sensor is a form of infrared sensor based the reflection of the light on used to detect the wall.

Nora Mattoq Al qeddar Dr.Elmahdi M. Abousetta spring 2014
Near Field Communication Security A Project submitted in Partial Fulfilment of The Requirement of B.Sc. Degree in Computer Engineering

This thesis studies the possibilities of eavesdrop on NFC communication done using simple and gives a thorough description o how this can equipment and methods. The experimental part of this thesis was by design and development of eavesdrop hardware, and linking it with oscilloscope. then satisfactory number tests was performed to assure the dependability of of the system and acquire real were tested. and the results extracted Two Libyan mobile phone networks shots of were analyzed and compared to prove its assurance, and then snap the output signals were taken. The performed experiments show that the communication protocol does not offer any security in itself, and that data transmission can be picked up at least at a distance of approximately 0-12cm using an improvised passive device(sniffer antenna) without any signal amplification, or filtering circuitry. The experiment asserts that the use of an active radio receiver would increase the distance significantly. And NFC in active communication mode has a far greater eavesdropping range than the passive mode. Moreover, the scenario tests were implemented, show clearly the NFC technology is not secure against eavesdrop, and development of the NFC hardware and NFC protocol security against the threats needed. (NFc) However, it was also proved that Near Field Communication data a standard for a short range wireless communication enabling transfer keeping two devices close together, about 12 cm maximum distance. The study shows the lists of threats, which are applicable to NFC. And as the NFC sniffer antenna is a simple analog electronic circuit which can detect the presence of 13.56 MHz RFID antenna. This was given in the context of currently available NFC hardware, and NFC application. As the NFC technology is a spin-off from the established RFID technology, developed for mobile phone integration, and mobile phones with NFC integration can perform peer-to-peer communication, or read information from RFID tags and cards, or NFC card emulation The experimental part of this study provided practical evaluation of the expected threats and the security measures required.

Haithem Youssef Attia Dr.Tarik Al mehoub spring 2011
Network Diagnosis system

Network is the art of listening on the network analysis and diagnosis determine the health communications to examine how devices communicate and of that network. his project is to design a diagnostic tool using microcontroller PIC kit for network checking and diagnosing purposes where we will need to create a program that ping and embed it the microcontroller on a Pic acts as a board, which will be by technician for small scale maintenance. used a network y the Plc kit in one cable end and a pc or another PIC kit in another end and with each end in a particular spot in a building, we can tell by the ping software in the microcontroller if those two ends are for the same cable, that would be so much helpful especially if we had a lot of network cables in the building. Also we can define if a particular Pc is well connected and reachable in the network or if there is an internet connection. It is a simple cheap stable solution, because microcontrollers are used in it and are programmed with Flow Code using TCPIP protocol.

Salah Ali Abomrega Eng. khadija Ben Mosa spring 2011
Network Alarm system

The network monitoring is established via an open source program which monitors the traffic all over the network and the program creates a text log file which contains the record of all the network running services and packets transmitted over the network, this file will be read and analyzed by a program that has been created to give network warning and unexpected failures and hacking attacks to be ready to sent to the admin. The main purpose of this project is to design a safety system to alert the administrator Instantaneously about the new updates including Varity types of errors and irregularities entering the network and also learn about the current state of the network, and the system will send the alert by SMS or by e-mail to the network administrator to intervene in resolving the problem. This system is designed using more than one programming language, this is because each language has features that are better than the other language in some areas, and these languages are PHP, MySQL. JavaScript Cisco Router programming configuration.

Abdulrahman AlhubishiDr. Khadija Bem Musaspring 2011
solar tracking system Design

The objective of this project is to control the position of a solar panel in accordance with the motion of sun. Brief Methodology: This project is designed with solar panels, LDR, ADC, Microcontroller, Stepper Motor an its driving circuit. In LDR(Light Dependant Resistor) varies the resistance depending upon the light intensity. The varied resistance is converted into an analog voltage signal. The analog voltage signal is then fed to an ADC. ADC is nothing but analog to digital converter which receives the two LDR voltage signals and converts them to corresponding digital signal. which is fed to the input of the microcontroller. Mic receives the two digital signals from the ADC and compares them. The LDR signals are not equal except for normal incidence of sunlight. When there is a difference between LDR voltage levels the microcontroller programme drives the stepper motor towards normal incidence of sunlight

Mafsz Mukhtar El Jamal Dr. Elmahdi M. Abousettaspring 2011
26SALAMA MOHAMED BENABEIDDr. Mahmud Osman;Dr. Naser Hassanspring 2011

This project implements PID controller using E-block. EB-006 where used to implement the PID controller will a simple RC process circuit. The is fined using Zeigler-Nichols Tuning. Method the sampling rate is obtained by using the timer counter PIC16F87?A available at the computer Engineering department. terms of no The performance of the system shows a good performance is with zero-steady state error.

BSc. Graduation project, Design Of A switch In vHDL For Fat Tree Interconnection Networks

This project is divided into three main parts. First the Fat-tree switch architecture revolves around the installation of switches of the network and shows the mechanical movement of flits of data to and from the inputs and outputs of switches. Second, the HDL language program describe how to implement all previous functions by VHDL program code and explains the components of the Actual Code. Moreover, it shows the most important terms used in this language and how to deal with it. Third, the Quartus software& FPGA board section, describe how to implements and load the programs that be written to the FPGA Finally we show the results by wave forms and board. display all internal component of codes.

Bashir Ali EijarrushiDr. Osman Mahmoud;Dr. Nasser Hasanspring 2011
Taxi Management System Using GPS,Submitted as partial fulfillment toward B.SC. Degree

It is so difficult to manage and control the movement of taxi drivers specially for the companies that own many cars, these companies are seeking to give guidance for their drivers and manage them to be reachable for the clients and to respond to their calls quickly, also to avoid wasting time and money because of the random movement of drivers, this issue becomes bigger in the capital cities. This project provides solutions for these issues by monitoring the drivers and determine their locations from the company office, by installing GPs device for each car connected with touch screen computer and through GPRS or Wimax connection to communicate with the call center employee, so the call center employee is able to monitor the drivers and find their locations, to easily respond to the clients by finding the nearest driver and send a transport order to him, this order will appear on driver's screen. This project provides a lot of features, it works as a navigation system, also for calculating the cost of each order and inform the company with that, the driver can refuse the order and mention his reasons, and also determine the speed of the driver and warn him for the speed limits of each road and informing the company with that, also define the cash flow of each driver at the end of the work day This project is expandable to perform more of functions to provide facilities for these companies and increase their income.

Wesam Mohamed belalami Dr.Huseen Al Maghbub spring 2011
Atmel AT89C51/52 family programmer

Tnis project involves with designing a programming and v system for single chip microcontrolters of the ATMEL family. This system will be operated from a personal computer via the parallel printer port. The system is designed to make use of the modern operating modes on the standard printer port i e the E mode that were introduced to extend the number of applications the parallel port can accommodate. The project is divided into two main parts: Designing the hardware that will interface the personal computer and provides it with the capability to program the DIP 40 version of the ATMEL style microcontrollers. Programs for the microcontrollers are prepared using one of the many assemblers written for the 51 family like A51 assembler or BASCOM51 compiler. Writing the software for the designed system, where visual basic language is used to write the control program that will read the HEX files prepared by the assemblers and program it into the 51 micro- controller EPROM

Malak Mustafa mosaDr. Hussein elmagboob spring 2008

Value-added services provided by the mobile networks are fast becoming popular and people are spending more on mobile data access compared to voice services. impose special format All providers of services through mobile phones for the subscriber to use. Therefore, the subscriber must know the address of the service provider and the format ofthe requested service. In view of the tremendous amount of services available; this is becoming troublesome from users point of view. In this project, two interfaces are developed to access mobile data services using one mobile address, and one format: The first is an SMS- oriented mode, and the other is web-oriented mode(wAP). In the first mode an interface is developed allowing the user to deal with clickable menu-driven format in standard way, as that of using mobile sMs. In the other mode the services can be accessed through mobile internet connection using web browsing mode. Moreover, the developed interfaces are customized to work for acquiring services outsourced from providers or services that are provided in-house(in-sourcing). In both cases, the functionalities and the performance of the package have been successfully tested; using UAT(Users' Acceptance Tests).


Living in a secure place has become one of the most important things that any person looks for, because peace of mind can come from just knowing that your life is protected with a greater video camera based security system. Being safe would encourage and unlock the creativity of people, so this project is intended to design and implement a Video Based Security system. This system consists of a video camera which can be directed to take video shots for any intruder. The captured images by the video camera are transferred to a nearby PC where it can be examined locally or remotely by security personal through the network by using specific web page. The protected space is monitored nll the time by infrared detectors that detect any motion caused by an intruder. A microcontroller is used to monitor the infrared detectors and direct the camera towards the position where a motion Occurs, The control program which runs on the microcontroller is written using the c language. The program that manages the taking of video shots and making dynamic web palte is written using PHP language

Ebthal hasan al gariwo Dr. SHUBAT WHEDAspring 2008
Implementation of Awss Network Via Internet

In this project we have designed a central network for weather stations including separate controlled remote stations, connected with a main station which was being managed by a website. such remote stations were equipped by physical devices called data ioggers, which were designed and introduced into this project in purpose of taking measurements(readings) from relevant weather sensors and transmitting the same to software programs followed the remote station. The logger device the data acquisition card technology so as to utilized get the aforesaid-measurements from the referred sensors and then be sent in a form of a string to the computer of the remote station for further analysis and dully storage should read by the sensors. The remote stations receive the string, it parsed it to get the sensor measurements and its time which taken at it, and performed certain and necessary calculations and then store them on central database. Database is played a major role between the softwares of the remote stations and the main station.

Enass Abd Arazag Sass Dr.Issmaeil Ellabibspring 2008

Living in a secure place has become one of the most important things that any person looks for, because peace of mind can come from just knowing that your life is protected with a greater video camera based security system. Being safe would encourage and uniock the creativity on people, so that this project was intended to design and implement a Video Based Security System The security system has the following components: Two infrared detectors to detect motion(i.e. intrusion) A wireless video camera to capture and to relay the images of the observed area A motor to rotate the camera to the desired position(clock-wise or anti clock-wise) A micro controller to control the camera position in response to the input from the infrared detectors A power supply unit to provide necessary power to the above components The system responds to the security threats detected by the infrared detectors. The system evaluates; the input from infrared detectors, the current position of the camera, and the direction of the camera move to respond and adjust the next position of the camera against the security threat. The captured images by the video camera are wirelessly transferred to a PC, which has connected to the camera receiver. The images are stored in the PC for future reference of the user. Optionally, the user can access these recordings by any other computer residing on the same network.

Baccalaureate Sciences Project EC499 Investigation urRobotic Arm Functions and Capabilities

Abstract Robotics a very promising and interesting field as our grandparent was telling, at our childhood we were thinking of Robots as a since fiction things and that was when they have started using it at far space projects, but know everything have changed Robots are used every ware in nearly every filed cars, food, electronics factories etc. It seems that what we have been told was trough. Our department already knew those facts and ordered a complete Robotic lab to make Robotics and industrial systems knowledge available to us this so may task simply is to study this lap and get familiar with its components so the students get interested in and the teaching process will be easier. A Complete Industrial Pipeline System will be designed at the end of the project as a good example of this lap capability

Ahmed Abd El Basset El-A ghel Dr.Otman Gajijispring 2008

Explanations about the way of electronic cireuit functions The elevator circuit which functions by means of microcontroller(ATs9c55w) Declassified into three groups First group contain the microcontroller which controls a group of lamps four lamps and that each lamp is in a floor the microcontroller closes down the relay which is stimulated to control four other relays and that each relay control one lamp and display the floor number on the small display screen the light sensor electronic circuit contains a light resistor and a master relay which control the other relays and which control the direction and lamps the light resistor is fixed in the elevator therefore when it is stimulated by means of the light incident on it from any lamp in the floors makes the motor stop from functioning the direction control circuit is the most simple in all other circuit it contains a transformer which control dot and which supply the voltage to control the elevator direction by means of stimulating it by a trimesters.


In a country whose economy is largely based on oil exploration and production, such a Libya, the National Oil economy of our country th the fast development in the information technology field in Libya, more and more documents and applications are being hosted on electronic systems, such as the case of the Noc where a vast amount of sensitive data is stored on servers, and hundred of business-related e-mails are exchanged everyday. The National Oil Corporation computer network represents an ideal example of an active and a very critical system, including 4 geographical locations with more than 12 servers, 600 client computers, and a huge amount of sensitive information to protect from attackers, intruders, and hackers, who target the NOC as one of the foundations of this country. Based on all of the above, this project was adopted by the IT department of the National Oil Corporation, to study and inspect the network architecture and business processes, define problems and points o weaknesses in terms of security, performance and overall efficiency, and then to develop solutions to those problems. This project has delivered its objectives by defining the problems and then addressing them with appropriate designs of valid solutions, which were then physically implemented and deployed to the possible extent. The main solutions by project to the network monitoring mechanism, security policy, an audit policy, a De Militarized zone(DMZ) with internet usage policies, and Virtual Private Networking (VPN).

Automatic irrigation system

In this project, an automatic imigation system has been designed. The design tused on soil moisture status, best irrigation time and the appropriate weather conditions software. The hardware basically The designed system includes hardware and valves. comprises a control panel, soil moisture, weather sensors and shut-off and The system is developed by software written by assembly language loaded into microcontroller AT89C51

Bodor omar alwaeir DR. Hussain Elmgboob spring 2008

The purpose of this project is to on-line microcontroller based electrical energy meter, Which can be used io the existing energy meter currently being used in all home and factories for electrical energy measurements. The basic idea of this project is to build circuit which will be used to sample both the voltage and current drawn by any load and then calculate the power and the energy; the result will be displayed on an LCD kind of numeric display. The reading of electrical consumption can be sent to other computers via communication link.

Eman Ali infis Dr. Shubat owhida spring 2008
Computer Engineering Department B.SC,Project

After working with Noc-IT dopartment for period of 4 operational we notice huge effort and time consuming in managing NOC& by the authorty end unor Therefore oui protect is dosigned to drive Noc IT through the stops of planning a newsolution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 by ISO DMS and nuits NOC Workflow. National oil(Noc) has organizations Departments& s scattered over number of offices/Buildings. Targeting to reduce the cost, safe the time& protoct the environment from minimizing document handling in paper format, seeking to achieve the collaboration between and departments Office sharePoint server employees During the project phase we will implement Microsoft management that is 2007 in Noc, as it facilitates collaboration, provide content to information features, implement business processes, and supply access essential to organization goals& processes NOC Requirements Electronic Document management Information management policies. Collaborate to handle over the problems. seconds Finding people +corient document in few Multiple content types, documents together Manage and store related and Central location to manage and store documents, content, links, contacts for employees. every Easily find the information they need using the tools they work with day

Arwa Al Ashhab Dr. Shubat Ewheda Fall 2008
Face Recognition using Pseudo-zernike moment invariant(PzMI) and Multilayer perception(MLP) neural network

in order for computers to continue their march into the mainstream of human activity they must continue to improve their ability to interact with humans this means that they need to discern human writing,understand human speech and recognize human faces before stage our project deals with the recognition of human faces but of recognition we to know where the facial features are in the image. for our Project a system is developed for face recognition processes.The proposed feature extraction method includes human face localization derived from the shape information,. using distance measure as facial candidate threshold(FC) is defined to distinguish between face and non face images, as well as Pseudo-Zemike moment invariant(PZM) we introduce parameter to define axis correction ratio(ACR) of images for disregarding irrelevant information of face images In this project, the effect of these parameters in disregarding irrelevant information in recognition rate improvement is studied. Multilayer perceptions(MLP) neural network with back propagation has been used as a classifier. Also we evaluate the effect of orders of PzMI in recognition rate of the proposed technique as well as MLP neural network learning speed. Simulation results on the face d cate that high order PZMI together with derived face localization and proposed technique for feature extraction contain very useful information about face recognition process. Using language Delphi in project.

Hana Abojella Ban Sad Dr. Nasser Hasan;Dr. Hussien Almagboub spring 2008
Implementing and Analyzing(voice& video) over IP Network

While I was working in Noc as a learning student, I had noticed the following operating factors Time consumed due to employee's physical movements to setup technical meetings and to establish dialogue among Different NOC departments located in different geographical sites. Huge number of calls between different departments can reach 100 daily leading to calls cost can be increased. High cost of traveling from and to Libya to communicate with other International companies. Looking to voice& Video over IP technology, starting from suitable LAN.wAN tools available within NOC and its sites, operating companies, international contractors, I had planned to carry over BSC project to study setup-test voice Video) over IP system. Throughout my documentations you will kindly find introductions to NOC needs- Technology description ending my research with some experiments test results conclusion& future recommendations are illustrated by the last chapter of my project to present what should NOC do in near future,

43Eman hissen Abojtela Dr. Shubatt owheadaspring 2008
Speaker Recognition system

The task of recognizing a speaker involves speech processing, includes speaker recognition. Voice Signature systems use a speaker recognition mechanism which iself is a biometric task which stems from the wider field of Speech Processing Speaker recognition systems are subdivided into two types: Text Dependant and Text independent systems. In text dependent systems the user has to speak a specific phrase(pin code, password while a text- independent method should grab the characteristics(features) of the speech regardless of the tea spoken. The system takes a small number of representative feature vectors as an efficient means of characterizing the speaker-specific features. These features are clustered to form a speaker-specific codebook. In the recognition stage, the test data is compared to the codebook of each reference speaker and a measure of the difference is used to make the recognition decision, The technique used to exract the features from the sounds is the Mel Frequency cepstral coefficients(MFCO) technique. While the algorithm used to match the sounds is Vector Quantisation using the The linde -Buzo -Gray algorithm.
The implementation of such a system can best be done using Matlab; for this software utility provides the environment needed for numerical computing

Khaled Ammar Abuaisha Dr. Hussain El-MaghboobFall 2008
DC Digital Audio Watermarking

Digital watermarking is a technology which allows a secret message to be hidden in a computer file, without the detection of the user; the watermark is not apparent to the user, and does not affect in any way, the use of the original file. Watermark information is predominantly used to identify the creator of a digital file, i.e. a picture, a song, or text. This project discusses the implementation of a digital audio of a DC watermarking scheme, which can be used to hide auxiliary information within a sound file. Although this watermarking scheme is for instructional use as a tool for perceptual audio education, it provides an overview of techniques which are common to all digital audio watermarking schemes, The DC watermarking scheme hides watermark data in lower frequency components of the audio signal, which are below the perceptual threshold of the human auditory system.

Mohamed As. Ati AInsief Dr. Husain E-Magboob; Dr. Nasser Hassan spring 2008