Undergraduate students


Courses in the undergraduate program are in three main areas:

Students accepted to this program, who have completed all required prerequisites, follow a sequence that would lead to graduation after four years (8 terms) of study. The students must follow the sequence of the program as follows:

  • 200-level courses
  • 300-level courses and/or 400-level courses
  • 400-level courses and/or 500-level courses

If you follow the above sequence, you should have no time conflicts or problems with your courses. All students in the program are reminded that they must complete all 200-level courses in their programs prior to commencing courses at any further level. The electives (500-level courses) must be chosen from the approved term course list. Some electives may not be offered in a given term. The courses listed may be changed due to continuous modernization of the curriculum. Please note that the 490 course (B.SC. project) extends over two academic terms.

For further information concerning the undergraduate and admission requirements, please contact undergraduate coordinator. For course descriptions and prerequisites, please link to course details.